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hari-hari :(

it's been harder&&harder for me.
i cant stop thinking about;they;it!
i just tak nak dpt mrsm!
it's hard for me!
i'm going to find an excuse to prevent me from msk mrsm;
mrsm result will keluar this fucking isnin!
aku takut sgt kalau dpt,
ohh my god.
qilah will attend the operation and im it is hard for my parents to uruskn my mrsm,
bile i dpt nnt!
last night;
we went for mkn,
then abah said;
dah check ur mrsm?
bile nk dpt?

iqah then buat batuk2;
sbb she is the only one tau aku tak nak.
ohh dear god!
mrsm mrsm!
i'll go there later but not now!
i'm not ready lagi!
it's hard for me to take this fcking challenge !

stop thinking about it pon aku tak bole;
cg asyik tnye;
smlm sape yg tgh tggu mrsm?
then i raised my hand&&some ppl too.

msa cg da klua amirul tanye lg!
ohh i just cant stop thinking about this since i knw yg qila this and that!
help me please ;

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