Bismillahirahmanirahim ♥


Menghargai dan dihargai.

"Jangan tanya apa sumbangan negara kepada anda, tapi tanyalah, apa sumbangan anda kepada negara " -John F. Kennedy
Antara kata kata yang aku pegang, yang bagi aku kata kata itu, cukup membuat kan aku sedar betapa pentingnya setiap individu itu untuk menyumbangkan sesuatu tak kira kepada mana mana pihak atau pun individu lain.

Siapa je kat dunia ni yang tak nak dihargai, tak kira oleh sesiapa, paling cikai pun seorang anak tu                 mesti nak ibu bapa dia puji dia kalau markah periksa dia bukan kosong, paling tak pun bila seorang               anak tu tetiba nak potong seulas bawang utk makan tengahari nak jugak mak dia puji "Boleh kahwin             dah ni kak cik"  Siapa yang tak nak? Mungkin itu memang fitrah manusia, suka dipuji suka dihargai. 

Ataupun kalau zaman teknologi ni lagi lah masing masing suka bila dapat like atau retweet, kerana tu             semua cara lain untuk kita rasa dihargai secara tak langsung. 

Tapi bagaimana pula kita bila menghargai? Adakah kita letak effort yang sama bila kita nak dihargai?           Ataupun pernah ke kita at least consider untuk menghargai orang lain? Contoh yang paling kita tak sedar       bila kita ada sesuatu ilmu tu, adakah kita hargai ilmu tu? Kita letakkan kat tempat yang betul ke? Macam       mana kita letakkan dia kat tempat betul? Pulang balik buku library? Hahaha lawak ke? Ok memang tak         lawak. 

Cara meletakkan ilmu di tempat yang betul nya, bukan je amalkan sesuatu ilmu atau nasihat yang kita dapat, tapi jika kita ada ilmu tu kita kongsi, dengan cara bagi pendapat. Bila dalam perbincangan atau kuliah, kalau kita ada sesuatu yang berguna kepada topik tu, kongsikan. Memetik lagi kata seorang lecturer yang dikagumi keperibadiannya, ilmu atau ilham atau soalan datang dalam minda kita mungkin ilham bagi Allah, jadi, yang bermanfaat tu kena lah kongsi bersama, sebab tu amanah bagi kita untuk sebarkan kepada rakan kelas kita. (Kalau perbincangan dalam kelas lah) Bukan tu salah satu cara nak menghargai ke?

Jadi kat mana kita letakkan diri kita kalau bab menghargai seseorang atau sesuatu benda tu? Adakah sama bila kita nak mak ayah kita belikan deng dang atau tora tora bila kita dapat markah lebih? Tanya lah diri kita apa sumbangan kita dekat sekolah, jiran tetangga, kelas, keluarga, persatuan, atau pun blok asrama. Bukan asyik menadah apa kemudahan atau sumbangan yang dia orang bagi kita shj. 

Ingatlah, macam mana nak sangat saaaaaaangat kita dihargai, macam tu lah orang lain nak kita hargai dia :) 

My New Obsession

Cats!!! I have so many cats before, from one generation to another, but this one will be always my favorite, and the previous one will always be in my heart :) *Dah lama tak buat smiley since ada emoji*

So here it goes, it began few years ago, when my family first adopt 2 male kittens, which is now, the keeper and guardian to my family, well maybe. At first my mom rejected the idea of adopting another cat since my youngest sister once had heart failure and due to this, she became allergic to furry things including stuffed animals. Poor qiqi

Fortunately, the left one married to my female cat and they have cutie pie kittens, which is my current obsession!!! I just can't.

He's getting bigger day by day, awwwwwwww so cute 

The last one is the current picture of otto(gender to be determine soon) Look at his face, he's missing me. Some said our face is quite the same :p

4 Days To Go

Yeah life after SPM. It all started when biology paper 3 was finished. I can still remember that moment. The moment where people threw their pen and pencils away, where people shouted and screamed like the ned of the world. For us, it is the end of the world. And in just a few days from now, we're gonna have a very new beginning.

As I'm not selected in National Services, PLKN. I stayed home like a bos. But it doesn't begin with A-BOS story. It begins with me, being a maid. A good maid. Lipat baju, and memasak were major things I did, when Bibik was having her holiday back in Indonesia. I even tweeted and ask a few person what are the difference between halia, lengkuas and how to cook nasi. Some laughed, and gave me good response.

Result? I'm still hoping my best. Years that I spent with books and classes. May Allah bless our effort. Every single word, we wrote, every single word we threw for our studies. Amin


I easily get mad, throw bad words and scream like a maniac. I emotionally scream and scold other people. But one thing for sure I'll regret on what I had done a few minutes later. And how I wish I can change my attitude for myself and people around me.

I don't know what is the real problem that I'm facing now, whether it is me or the people around me. I text people when I'm mad, I told them things that I faced. Sometimes they laughed, on the small thing that I cried on. Remeh nak mampus kadang-kadang tu. But its me :(

How I wish I can be like other people where they can control their emotions. How I wish I can remain silent whenever I get mad, and keep the bad words in my brain.

I don't know what I need and what I have to do in order to overcome this things and make it over.


Take Care :(

Aku tertidur semalam masa tengah main phone, dalam pukul 12.20 macam tu. Errr, ttbe 4.30 terbangun, sebab dengar bunyi mcm org call eh. Bunyi mcm aku yang call org tu, tau kan bunyi dia mcm mana, ttbe tengok selak selimut selak selak selak, Ya Allah kat kaki aku dan aku tertekan.


Tau tak, aku tertekan no siapa. Memang agak tak sangka. Hmmm, SHAZLEEN! Hahahaa. Ya Allah aku terus tengok tarikh, ok baru 4 hari bulan shaz pergi PLKN 5 kan. So subuh tu, dia text aku,

Shep, terharu aku kau call 4 pagi, doakan perjalanan aku selamat pergi balik.

Aku pelik lahhhh, kan dia cakap dia gi 5 hari bulan. Ya Allah salah tarikh :p Aku pun text dia semua, dan terus text Zaf, Isra wish mereka. Zaf esok, shaz yang hari ni. Ok pape pun Take care Zaf, Shaz, Isra, jangan hitam sangat k. Alaaaaaaaaaaaa sedih pulak.

muka aku seram nak mampus. Bye

Conclusion aku, aku tertekan no kau masa tertidur sebab Allah nak tunjuk dekat aku, yang kau pergi hari ni, dan aku patut wish kau :') Shazleen. Hahaha

One Great Year

I haven't post anything since I'm back home. For me there is so much things that I would like to share since I graduated from mrsm. Alhamdulilah, everything was fine as I leave the school. It is like a tradition form me to post a new year post every year, but it is not like I'm celebrating new year dekat Danga Bay. what I meant was, to list down a few things that need to be done for this 2013.

So a few hours to go till 2013. One thing that I can say for this year, 2012 was a year that I need to be careful in every single aspect, every single word. I learnt that maturity is important as we grow up. To think, before we act. And to think again after we act.

I had fun through out this year, a year where we always say "Gitu ann kawan lima tahun" As this year was the last year, we are together in a school after 5 years "mengadap korang je :p" But Demi Allah, you guys taught me almost everything, from how to "gosok bunga kain" to stay strong whenever I felt like giving up :')

While for 2013, a year where my life is going to extremely change, seriously. The first thing that I wish for this new year is to perform my prayer as early as I can. Insyaallah, well actually it is a carry forward azam, which I was quite failed last year. Amin :)

The second thing is I want to be as patient as I can, banyak sabar. I am a panas baran person. I threw bad words when I get mad, so I think I should change those things before its too late. Imagine, what happen to my children one day. Haish, sisih malaikat 44.

The third thing is I hope that I am able to ............................ Amin. Kalau ada rezeki, dah tiba masa, Insyaallah kan? Kita semua HambaNya, yang mempunyai cita cita itu.

The fourth thing is I wanna stay stonger and longer, with people that I care and I concern to. People okay guys, ramai. But specifically to the person that I really care. Let Allah do His job and we keep moving on, dan selesaikan apa yang patut. 8 tahun lagi, Insyaallah.

Fifth is more to kebendaan, takpelah fitrah kan? I wanna get some cool gadget that I wish for all this while, tak kira lah apa, but some cool gadget maybe one two or three if possible? Tengoklah, kalau kaya, Insyaallah.

The last wish. Well memang ada banyak pun yang kita nak kan for every new years, tapi the main thing for sure je yang I wanna list down here. Lastly, I want to collect money and rarely visit the ATM machine. Yeahhh for future sake, this is important. So I'll use this money, whenever I get married ke one day? Insyaallah, atau perkara mustahak lain.

That's all, May Allah bless us, and may all of our wishes come true. Whatever I have to face in this becoming year, is a platform for me to fix myself as I grow older. Semua orang akan rasa susah, dan senang tu akan datang pada setiap kesusahan diakhirnya, No pain no gain. Selamat semua, Insyaallah :)

A memorable day :')

A Battle Of Hope

Dengan Nama Allah yang Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Penyayang .

7 Hari lagi .

This is what I fight for all this while , this is what I worked for , I cried for , I stand for . My hopes and Fears , dreams and reality . This is different , after 5 years standing in a place where I never wished for to go , here I am , sitting for the biggest examination after 13 years of studying in a place call school .

My wish is simple . To do the best in every single letter that I'm going to write soon in my kertas jawapan . Kita tak berjaya sorang sorang in MRSM , kita berjaya sama sama . Kita makan sama sama , kita pergi kelas , tidur stay up solat everything is together . This is not about myself , SPM . This is about the whole batch , nama yang kita carry for 5 years .

PMR , we proved it . And SPM soon , Insyaallah . But always keep in mind , SPM tak ok , isn't everything . Allah planned everything for us in future . He will never say no , He will only say not now or I have a better plan for you . This is a game , we dare to play it , we have to end it like we planned before . A battle of hope , with teachers parents and other people by our side .

We are the army , the teachers are the captain , the had done their part , they lead us , they trained us , this is our part , to be on the battlefield and to win . This is what we worked for , this is it . Keep calm , and always remember , Allah will help those who helped themselves .

At the end of the day , we're going to win . Amin :)
Kau memang tak pernah marah aku mcm mana aku marah kau .

Aku memang tak sabar , mcm mana kau sabar dengan aku .

Tapi satu , sekarang kau penting .


Ni nama dia Fluffy , jantan . 

Ni nama dia Sam , Tapi nama manja Sammy . Jantan

Dan mereka kawan baik :)

What I had learnt

Nak adik beradik lelaki lah -.- Haha

So , its raya everyone . Haha , tahun ni paling banyak aku pakai baju kurung . Bagus kan ? Ni lah raya namanya . Tapi nak diikutkan tahun ni tak best sangat , tapi still ada benda yang best . Tak semuanya tak best , I had fun :) Banyak benda yang aku belajar masa raya , mental dan fizikal .

Mental , aku belajar untuk jadi lebih tak sensitif :') Tu , aku akan cuba ubah , sikap aku yang cepat marah dan kalau orang tu kat depan aku , memang aku hambur je depan depan . Ishhh -.- Serious kena ubah , tak bagus , orang tak datang minang . Kalau yang aku hambur tu kata kata hikmat takpe , ni , haishhh .

Secondly , fizikal . Ni lebih kepada kerja kerja rumah . Tahun ni gua turun padang , panjat tangga pasang langsir , fuhhhhhh :p Dapur tu boleh lah sikit sikit , kopek bawang . Ni semua hasil aku jadi helpers nadwah islamiah hari tu , kena kopek bawang . Balik rumah , aku dah pandai kopek bawang , Yeayyyyyyy :D

Apa yang kureng best tahun ni , paling sedih sekali , tiada sarang semut di sisi . Hmmm , dah lah favourite aku , tiap tahun mesti ada , tapi abah umi busy sangat la tu , tak sempat nak cari kuih aku , susah nak cari kuih ni kat JB -.- Tapi , tiap tahun jugak aku buat kuih , nanti aku bagi lah kat maktab . Tak gempak mana pun , tapi aku buat sensorang je tau . Hahaha , time beraya kat rumah orang jaga aku baru lah jumpa sarang semut nyaaaaaa :D Ok la tu kan .

Iqah gemuk :pp
Sebagai kesimpulannya , raya bukannya , where you meet your cousins , wear new clothes , eat kuih raya and what so ever only . For me , raya is a medium for me to learn something new and to improve for the betterment of myself and others , insyaallah . Assalamualaikum :DD