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4 Days To Go

Yeah life after SPM. It all started when biology paper 3 was finished. I can still remember that moment. The moment where people threw their pen and pencils away, where people shouted and screamed like the ned of the world. For us, it is the end of the world. And in just a few days from now, we're gonna have a very new beginning.

As I'm not selected in National Services, PLKN. I stayed home like a bos. But it doesn't begin with A-BOS story. It begins with me, being a maid. A good maid. Lipat baju, and memasak were major things I did, when Bibik was having her holiday back in Indonesia. I even tweeted and ask a few person what are the difference between halia, lengkuas and how to cook nasi. Some laughed, and gave me good response.

Result? I'm still hoping my best. Years that I spent with books and classes. May Allah bless our effort. Every single word, we wrote, every single word we threw for our studies. Amin


Wak Gelas™ said...

sonok arr..ahHHks

Siti Amirah Zulaikha said...

shep.. rindunya kat awak :'(