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A Battle Of Hope

Dengan Nama Allah yang Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Penyayang .

7 Hari lagi .

This is what I fight for all this while , this is what I worked for , I cried for , I stand for . My hopes and Fears , dreams and reality . This is different , after 5 years standing in a place where I never wished for to go , here I am , sitting for the biggest examination after 13 years of studying in a place call school .

My wish is simple . To do the best in every single letter that I'm going to write soon in my kertas jawapan . Kita tak berjaya sorang sorang in MRSM , kita berjaya sama sama . Kita makan sama sama , kita pergi kelas , tidur stay up solat everything is together . This is not about myself , SPM . This is about the whole batch , nama yang kita carry for 5 years .

PMR , we proved it . And SPM soon , Insyaallah . But always keep in mind , SPM tak ok , isn't everything . Allah planned everything for us in future . He will never say no , He will only say not now or I have a better plan for you . This is a game , we dare to play it , we have to end it like we planned before . A battle of hope , with teachers parents and other people by our side .

We are the army , the teachers are the captain , the had done their part , they lead us , they trained us , this is our part , to be on the battlefield and to win . This is what we worked for , this is it . Keep calm , and always remember , Allah will help those who helped themselves .

At the end of the day , we're going to win . Amin :)

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