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One Great Year

I haven't post anything since I'm back home. For me there is so much things that I would like to share since I graduated from mrsm. Alhamdulilah, everything was fine as I leave the school. It is like a tradition form me to post a new year post every year, but it is not like I'm celebrating new year dekat Danga Bay. what I meant was, to list down a few things that need to be done for this 2013.

So a few hours to go till 2013. One thing that I can say for this year, 2012 was a year that I need to be careful in every single aspect, every single word. I learnt that maturity is important as we grow up. To think, before we act. And to think again after we act.

I had fun through out this year, a year where we always say "Gitu ann kawan lima tahun" As this year was the last year, we are together in a school after 5 years "mengadap korang je :p" But Demi Allah, you guys taught me almost everything, from how to "gosok bunga kain" to stay strong whenever I felt like giving up :')

While for 2013, a year where my life is going to extremely change, seriously. The first thing that I wish for this new year is to perform my prayer as early as I can. Insyaallah, well actually it is a carry forward azam, which I was quite failed last year. Amin :)

The second thing is I want to be as patient as I can, banyak sabar. I am a panas baran person. I threw bad words when I get mad, so I think I should change those things before its too late. Imagine, what happen to my children one day. Haish, sisih malaikat 44.

The third thing is I hope that I am able to ............................ Amin. Kalau ada rezeki, dah tiba masa, Insyaallah kan? Kita semua HambaNya, yang mempunyai cita cita itu.

The fourth thing is I wanna stay stonger and longer, with people that I care and I concern to. People okay guys, ramai. But specifically to the person that I really care. Let Allah do His job and we keep moving on, dan selesaikan apa yang patut. 8 tahun lagi, Insyaallah.

Fifth is more to kebendaan, takpelah fitrah kan? I wanna get some cool gadget that I wish for all this while, tak kira lah apa, but some cool gadget maybe one two or three if possible? Tengoklah, kalau kaya, Insyaallah.

The last wish. Well memang ada banyak pun yang kita nak kan for every new years, tapi the main thing for sure je yang I wanna list down here. Lastly, I want to collect money and rarely visit the ATM machine. Yeahhh for future sake, this is important. So I'll use this money, whenever I get married ke one day? Insyaallah, atau perkara mustahak lain.

That's all, May Allah bless us, and may all of our wishes come true. Whatever I have to face in this becoming year, is a platform for me to fix myself as I grow older. Semua orang akan rasa susah, dan senang tu akan datang pada setiap kesusahan diakhirnya, No pain no gain. Selamat semua, Insyaallah :)

A memorable day :')

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