Bismillahirahmanirahim ♥


the school :)

erm,yahh woke up watched the madagascar&&eat.

went to school with abah,arrived around 12.20pm,

straightly went to canteen met amir and gang,

went to dewan terbuka met athirah and ,athirah talked about a boy,

yg byk PEMINAT doe,form 1.

im not interested blablabla.haha:)

suddenly amy came&&talked about whatever,

athirah friends came talk about myspace and blablabla,

the school bell rang,

straightly went to the class line,

and one teacher shout,writting this and that at the diary,

went to the class blaja bm,

so different frm my old school,

this and that,

sivik sub,homework,the diary things,tokoh2 yg diminati smue,

next pj class went to gemilang class,the pjk things blablabla and dismissal,

and after that rehat,jln2,looking for the koko things,

terserempak dgn a group of boys,

haha,yg athirah talked about,so weird. :)

erm,btw boys punyer perfume sme ke hah?

i jln td perfume deorg sme bau weyh!sory?but that's the truth.

mcm sial jerk aku,tapi tu la KEBENARAN NYER.sory boys?

jwb weyh!aku pelik doe,hahaha.

this and that balik kelas,

agama kelas,blaja something about surah,fun :DD

next science class intersting,

i met some new friends,aina,and farah,farah asked me to call her FAFA,

whatever,ill try later hun.

learn something,the teacher asked;if something happened,what will u save first?urself or ur things?

one boy,suddenly said things!

haha,everyone started to laugh!

then the teacher called him CHEAP,just for fun.

haha,fhm tak?

1 pintar is amazing!

the class monitor is super duper responsible&&active,

thx class monitor fer helping me,


went home,bath eat smue,

hw,suddenly u.zainal came to take grey,

he said that his kucing dah tak sabar nak kawen,kucing dia bising jerk. trying to catch grey and put him in his SANGKAR or cage myb?

but i cant do that,im too afraid of cat,i mean to touch cats.

ok,hw is finish,btw science in english is fun.


urm boys?please answer my question?blablabla...

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