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What they said .

i just watched an indonesia sinetron on astro oasis 106.title:ketabahanku tak silap .
the character said to his sister ke daughter like this:

'kamu sudah pandai berpacaran ya,kami susah payah berusaha buat nanggung persekolahan kamu.Memberikan kasih sayang kepada orang lain untuk kepentingan sendiri.'

**lebih kurangg la skrip dia.
actually what the character said is someone love fr own sake.i learnt frm it.tak payah laa nak gedik gedik lagi lepas nie.HAHA

tapi bole berangan lagi:) its free sara said:he wrtes poetry jst lke chairil anwar.he sings, sweet, and eats one-clorie breath mint tic tac jst lke Paulie Bleeker.he is mysterious yet innocent jst lke Rangga and he hlds my hand jst lke my fthr

isn't that sweet?well sarah i wish you a very good luck then .mine is like this:

he give me what i want just like my father did,take care of me just like the wardens did,sing me my fvrt song like Nickelback did,cooks me my fvrt food like the chef in Pizza Hut did,built me a castle fr me and him like Shajihan did,and he'll be the only one of my true love in my life till the last breath:) TADAAA.

i want to met this unknown person when the time has come.And not now.


sungai nil yang mengalir di mesir .

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