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Hello Maktab !

Heyyy Eid holiday is going to end in few hours :[ and its mean that HELLO MAKTAB SAYANGG ! hmm malasnyeee tapi kene jugak , huh well final exam WOW ! MENJELMA TAK LAME LAGI . SELARAS 2 SEMESTER 2 BARU SAHAJA melabuhkan tirai . Harap result seperti yang di harapkan Aminn .

Raye is so much fun ! i'll not forget those stuff srsly , mmg gilee best la wehh . But soon it will end and next year PMR pulakk cuti kene tolak !But i have to struggle with this semester and i'll prove it MIAHAHAHA :] cehh poyo .

Time past by and we can't tell why . Goodbye HOMIE and Hello MAKTAB ! Assalamualaikum .

p/s:Best of luck PMR candidates .

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