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Haji (:

23 October 2010

I was woke up by Abah . It was 5 .20 am , Yes it is the day where Umi and Abah will go to Mekah to perform their Haji , I had my Subuh Jemaah with them , so there are the three of us , Umi Abah and Me others did not join , uzur la :p

Abah's voice was not the same as usual sedikit bergetar on the first rakaat , yeah i think he was sad , to leave his beloved family . AWW we had our solat hajat after that and pray for their safe journey , Amin

I went downstairs , PAPA already came on that time which was on 6 .10 am la kot , and so do others Tok , Mak Wan Pak Wan Adib Mak Ngah Mama Bak and Pk Cik Ramli . Before we went to the airport Bak azan at first , yeah it was quite a sad scene on that day -.- sobs

We reached the airport there were thousand of people i think . I thought i was not going to meet Hamimah but when i accompanied Tok to the toilet I met Mimah (: WAAA tak sgke , she said the she reached the airport at 5 am . Wow

We took some pictures and salam all the things , i was the only that cried among my siblings kot , yg lain semua control MACHO , HAHA

Thats all for now , Semoga Umi dan Abah dipermudahkan segala urusan dan diselamatkan perjalanan sama ada sebelum , semasa dan selepas menunaikan Haji , dan kirim salam kami kepada Rasulullah SAW . Semoga mendapat HAJI MABRUR ,Amin .

42 days of haji , and they will come back on 4 December 2010 .

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