Bismillahirahmanirahim ♥



You came and show up , but I do not realize it was you . Instead I ran from it and choose the other path . If I was you on that time , I'll hate myself for the rest of my life .

Then , you wanted to run away from your problems , I cried for the whole day , hating that you were such a loser , you should be though , and it just a problem . I talk to you , hoping that you are not going to run away , and you don't .

I was very upset to know that you were doing this and that , because you are my friend , the friend that I care so much .

And even know , we are still friends , you keep on buzzing me almost everyday . And I am hoping you to be the real you . The Old you , the old you that everyone miss so much . Amin

I Miss You , Friend .

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