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Inter MRSM && Inter School Debating Championship

First of all , I would like to thanks Allah for giving me the chance to be in the team again . The teachers and my teammates :D

Second , I would like to share you my first experience debating for the school . Hehehe , but before this I was the team reserve during 2008 . Means that I don't debate before .

Minggu Bahasa dan Debat 2011 , Akhir MRSM Alor Gajah

I knew that I'll be going to Minggu Bahasa the day before it start . It was a very good days during Minggu Bahasa as my school won many category during the southern zone at Pontian . So , the Drama team , forum , pidato lelaki lower form , pidato upper form , public speaking , sajak , debate team and also bahas team .

It was the UIA debate style , where every team have to debate for six round , and the team the won the most number for all the rounds will be going to Octo Final . But we only won 2 rounds . Hehehe .

But congratulations for all the winners during Minggu Bahasa , you guys really make maktab proud . Weeeeeeeee :D

Interesting facts about UIA , Interschool Debating Championship :
- The Grand Dinner , was awesome
- Met my primary school friend that is now studying at RMC , Aiman
-The debate things of course
- The stress of debate
- MRSM kat sana memang unite :D
- You have to wake early to get bus
- The humor round that I had been waiting since inter MRSM was not that easy
- The committe was gerrrrreeeeeet
- The debaters are handsome . HAHAHA
- The food , gahhhhhh
- That Your teammates are very important
- The motion was cool
- That debate doesn't measure by your age
- That I can't be funny during debate
- And I have to practise to be funny during humor round
- That McD does not going to send your food to Mahallah Maryam
- That UIA , Debating Championship was so awesome , that hard to tell you why :D

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