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I was being told than those imperfections does makes us perfect sometimes , those imperfections does make people remember you . I am so pissed off when people yelling at me because of those things , because of my imperfections because I am lack of something that he or she wants . 

Frankly speaking , try to look at yourself first . Ok , Mr or Mrs Perfect are you good enough to do that? Ok if so , why don't you do that by yourself ? . So you'll feel what other people feel , please don't expect other people to be so perfect . 

What am I trying to do is to pleased everyone , every single people in this world . But sometimes I screwed things up . Why ? Because I am not perfect . I easily forget what was I trying to do . 

Give you an example you are trying so hard to get 100 % in your art subject , but suddenly you splashed red paint all over your painting , as a result you get 60 % . See , your imperfection does screw your things up , but it doesn't mean you failed in your life , sometimes it makes people remember who you are . Mesti cikgu seni korang ingat , ohh awak la yang tak dapat seratus sebab water colour merah tumpah ? Hahaha :D

I don't asked you to just live behind your imperfection and make it as , 

ala , takpe la semua orang tak perfect .Buat macam mana pun tak perfect   

but I asked you to remember whenever people makes mistake towards you , don't yell at them . Because you are actually yelling at their imperfections which embarrassed  them a lot . But tell them that they are making mistakes , appropriately .

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