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I Had been through , what you guys going to face in few days . My advice are , it is a battle , a war that you had already prepare for three years , so within the three years you guys should have a good weapon that can answer all questions .

Just believe what you had been working , believe in every letter that you guys going to write . Believe in what you are doing .

If the paper for that day is hard , or very hard or what so ever , let them be . Tawakal is the best thing after usaha kan :D

Finally , PMR is not everything , but it is a path to everything . May Allah bless You guys

To :
Sh Nurul Afifah & Friends 
Yang pakai cermin mata tu , yang aku ajar . Hehe lupe 
Syed Mohd Haziq 
Batch PMR MRSM Batu Pahat 2011

  1. Baca Yassin sebelum pergi sekolah Hari hari 
  2. solat JANGAN tinggal 
  3. Mintak restu ibu bapa dan minta deorg doakan 
  4. Kawan-kawan pun 

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