Bismillahirahmanirahim ♥


Love is like playing the Piano ,

First You must learn to play the rules , then you must forget the rules and play by your heart .

Greetings everyone ! I was so bored yesterday , and suddenly I came up with an idea . Why don't I google around and learn some notes so that I can play on the keyboard . So I started to google around and find a few songs that I like and practice them on the keyboard .

Hehehe , I'm not that good , I trained only 1 and a half song yesterday . I kind of interested in playing keyboard since I was in standard 4 , so my mom bought it for me . I joined the school brass band on standard 5 and 6 playing melodian .

That was the first step on playing this instrument . But I am not that good , I only play for fun :) I think I want to join any classes one day , haha . Going to upload a video soon .

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