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One Year : Braces

Greetings , quite a very long time I didn't post anything about my braces progress , well alhamdulilah its getting better . I'm being comfortable with it , even sometimes its hurts me a lot ,but as people said no pain no gain . Yesterday was my braces birthday actually . Dah setahun dia sebati dengan air liur aku :p

Well i'm quite proud , as I try so hard to finish wearing it . Siapa pakai dia tau seksa macam mana . Thats why , kalau korang google kan , pastu baca lah Dentist cakap apa pasal braces ni , persediaan fizikal of course lah kan , dan yang paling penting Mental wei kena kuat .

As a result one year had past (: Alhamdulilah . And thanks to those that gave me spirits and words when I felt like pulling my barces off , love you guys . And thanks for those who actually realised my progress in wearing it . Sayanggggggg korang . 

Not to forget , a few people that give me soo much inspirations in wearing braces , I can still remember after a few days wearing it , WHI cakap pasal braces trend atau keperluan . Wahhhh , macam tau tau je aku baru pakai . A few people does inspired me so much , they thought me to be patience , thanks Nysa J , Yana , Arina and others . Not to forget : Jengjeng

Wahhhhhhhhhhhhh (:
Tgk tu lepas bukak , Hikhik , comelnyaa diaaaaaa . Ok suami orang , cukup cukup . Well thank you people , and I love my braces even they are sucks sometimes :') 

                                                                                                                               Sh Athirah


Arina Azlee said...

I saw my name !! :D
Happy Birthday mate ! XXX

Sh Athirah said...

Hahahaha , thanks !
Yours going to be soon !