Bismillahirahmanirahim ♥


A Soft Pressure on My Shoulder .

I had never ask it to ever happen again until the day came , I had never pleased anyone to begin with , I had never wanted it to happen at this moment . But the thing is , its happening .

A few years ago , I take these kind of thing something that is happening in almost people life , its kind of a routine . But at this moment , I take these things serious . When I meant it serious , it is serious for me . I believe what is going to happen after this have to end to a proper ending point .

Well , when its begin , it must end with a blessing ending . I will never begin , when I myself cannot sure what is the ending of this things . But I believe , if it is me , then wait . Thank You

Yang mudah menyerah diri , mudah pula disakiti . Yang sukar didapati , semakin sungguh dia mencari 

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