Bismillahirahmanirahim ♥


Good Luck .

To my Debate Team ,

Debating is the best thing happen in school so far . I am very happy to be with you guys since the inter MRSM Competition , Thanks too you guys for understanding my annoying-ness during the debate or the prep . Thanks for remembering me to always be cool , not to knock the table while debating , not to talk very fast while debating and lengthen my speech * still practising .

I am very happy to be with you guys , I miss those moments we were very happy because we won any rounds , or we were crapping when we lost any rounds .

I will always remember the stress of debate , the stress of prep whenever we got stuck on the motion .The things is I enjoy debating now , it is the way how I express my feeling so far . Although the stress of it is quite tiring , I enjoy it . It makes me better (:

How I wish I could turn back times , and practise more for every competition . If we are going for other competition after this , I'll promise to try very hard for that , to do very best in every single round . To think like hell for every point , to shoot like gun for every POI , to stand firm on every stand . Fuhh . Tengok I have a very high hope for every competition

My wish is simple for the debate team . TO BE ON THE FINAL STAGE , AND TO WIN :D

Taiping here we comeeeeeeeee !

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