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My debating Career

Debating is a part of my life in school , as I started to join this debate since I was in form 1 . Frankly speaking , I love debate . The stress of it , and the fun part of it .  A few weeks ago , we went to MRSM Taiping for the inter MRSM debating competition . 

It was fun , seriously . The college , the environment and the debate itself . Although we were almost qualified to the ASEAN debate , means that we're not qualified , I think this is the best debate we ever represents . Our ranking was 18/42 . 42 kot kalau tak silap ? 

So the first round was against MRSM Pekan . The theme was Tyranny and Majority . So we debated on the first motion that is THW legalize Gay Adoption . It was a good debate for me , a good start and we won :) We were the goverment

The second round was against MRSM Tumpat , we had once against this team last year , so the motion was THW Impose Compulsory National Services for All Citizens , we lost :( And we were the opposition .

The third round was against MRSM Felda Trolak , the host for the ASEAN debate . I think this is one of the best round , the motion was THBT State should lie to its citizens during times of war . We were the goverment , unfortunately we lost . But still I believe we had done the best for this round .

The forth round was against MRSM Gerik . The motion was THW allow child labour in 3rd world democracies . We were the goverment , the motion was quite serious but yet its fun . We won .

The fifth round was against MRSM Kepala Batas , the motion was THW Ban The Use Of Animals for Any commercial purposes . We were the oppsition . We lost due to some technical problems , serious sedih . Tapi takpe stay postive :)

The last round was against MRSM Kubang Pasu . The motion was THBT State should not fund Faith Based Medical Treatment , we were the goverment . This is the best round ever , for me . It was a silent round which we didn't know the winner . The next day baru tau . The last debate for us . Alhamdulilah , we knew that we won on the next day .

After delivering my very last speech :') Hahaha . I felt really grateful , as I had done the best for this round 

After the debate we went around Taiping , eating and walking . Thanks To Miss Fairus And Miss Revathi for the A&W and others , thank you so muchhhhhhh :D

My beloved , coach . Miss Fairus :)

We met Rahim , Arif , Diana and Aina Sab , AD takde masa ni . Thanks guysss 
So this is the end of my debating career in school . I hope I can took part in the university later on . Insyaallah . Special thanks to Miss Fairus and Miss Revathi . To the team mates , Syed , Dalilah and Dayah . Thank you guys , I'm going to miss debating with you guys , seriously .

Debating is like painting a picture , which you have to tell all the truth of it , to win . 

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Greyson Miller said...

salam... hye!

congratz anyway,

may i ask u some question..
do u still have the list for the debator rank... from 1 to 63, if im not mistaken... both for english and bahasa.... u can email me... if you have it..anyway.. good job guys..:)