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movies .

i've just watched dunia baru the movie,act i tak pernah tgk cerita nie pon.tapi my sister yg nak tgk,just layan kepala otek die :),yesterday i went for a movie too,with my friends ;watched cuci,idk why in the world,aku tgk verita melayu twice in a week.i selalu tgk english movie.but idk,just tak ada cerita menarik,we all went to cs.many many many malay there.tau laa raya cinaa!

hurmm.boring boring boring;last selasa we all went to school ,as usual got the class awal cl .stand for computer literasi .HAHAHAH!amy&i sat beside farah an intan ,frm other class because we have to campur2 on the lc class.the teacher taught as many things.any we all just talking crap .this laa,that laa.

after that got perhimpunan,then got something pelantikan ketua drjh.soo viknesh kena ambil that sijil and the principal kene pergi london for 2 months ,she got some kursus about cluster school.ohh yeahh,i really hope our school will dpt that anugerah mann!
ohh then hve to msk kelas and belajar something about sj,some of them tak siap hw .soo kene diri and did the unfinished hw.then got some pelajar baru,and im getting annoyed .ye laa.ath first our group tak hve to pindah ,too many of us.and they bincang2 laa until 5 minutes 0r 10,amy&&i hve to pindah to the boys group yg aku gile anti.

then the pelajar baru dtg2 lagi.they all smue 4 and smue msk my ex group.and 9 of them!very tak fair,selfish wei!what is past past laa.i dont care.and we hve to present our presentation after this break,ohh damn!tak siap lagi.hahahah.btw,i gave my sej book to maveen sbb konon2 nya aku nak pindah to mrsm .idk :p then as usual geo .belajar about something.

on the ag kelas,ustazah hve to go,and maveen asked me to eat something.i don't want too,then bervyn took that itchy bitchy things and ate was a paper!eeeuuu!they ate the paper.freaking boys !hahahaha!bi got presentation ,we dont do our best .and waaa laa!got some comments frm our eng.teacher.oken tired laa typing!gtg bbye! :)

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