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It just it

omg !
first otw to mrsm cell phone with me lagi and mp4 pon ade lagi;
otw nangis .then smpai jerk ohh undisplin ppls ar mse uh with my green sock !
miAHAHAHA ! and untied shoelaces .
very tired and the dewan was too penoh that time ohh !grem gile,so ddk dlm kereta with the aik kond !hahah and ddk .
then met my very pretty and baek kakak agkt kak nuraishah nurhizad fvrt aku !
dia baek we all pergi to the asrama and kemas this and that with helped by qilah besa and titah besar !
then i only the one yg tak kems sendiri that time !thx k.aishah fr the helped !
ily seei :)
then family went home msk bilim gile penat and we all pon;hei !what ur name ?dr mana?blabla semua and got orentasiii !gile bafak pnye penat .
i saw that dkt jadual got latihan persembahan ,
on my suprse we hve to buat persembahan !the boys form 1 gile best pnye dkir barat !
aku suke gile !aku jeles tau ark ?!HAHAHA :)arghh best gile !smue org horayy !
jeles gile mse uh .
then orentasi officially tamat !belajar and belajar i like mrsm skit demi sdikit !
ohh ok .ihve to go nak pergi menonton tv yg berapa mggu tk tgk la !
bbye !
btw our president really look like my cousin amir and our wife president !hahaha !sory ain :o
ily la wei !hahaha !ohh one time mse uh during the doa taubat i cried like banjir !really sad,srsly homesick gile time uh!rse gve up and nk balik !then rissa helped me and walayy !
ok dah .and got slah fhm wth friend and nangis again during prep sedey gile !hahaha !
WT SO EVER .NAK ckp aku ape kau pedulik ape honey ?ok bbye !
i will meet my tc esk !ilysdfffm !

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