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there she goes :[

there she goes :[

ohh hell yeahh !its been a very long time i didn't write the bloggie!dkt maktab i just wite all my diary on my HSM2 notebook which is got gab picture on the book cover .ohh talking about maktab im going to tell you my neww school here now ,blok c aras * ngehh !tk bole bgtwu nnt all the boys will tgk2 our bilik ,dah laa asrama dpn2 .tggl bersama sama rakan kesygn .belajar di vanda 1 bersama rakan yg mereng (; ohh,btw we only got 29 students there ,they are afiq,naufal,sara,syera,me,nina,shazleen,najah,amylia,diyana,ain,yanie,farahin,amira,alifah,lynn,rissa,
nisa,diana,syikin,haziq,aidil,faris,firdaus,saddiq,amir,alif,irfan and zul the new student :] a very welcome to mjsc bp and vanda 1 zul!ohh here we have homerooms !which is our familaa dkt maktab .im one of the homeroom zamrud 1 .and 15 of my classmate and they are me,nina,amylia,yana,ain,amirah,rissa,syikin,nana,haziq,aidil,saddiq,alif,irfan and zul .we also got lower form homeroom which is we all combine form1 2 3 zamrud and higher form we hve to combine with form 1 2 3 4 5 .and here we goes ,a one biggo familiaa !i love them :0 ohh family got mom and dad right ? we als hve MAK there and she is Pn.Engku Sazliana .she is pretty .!

ohh minggu aktiviti which is we all tk sentuh pon buku fr one week !thats mean we all play play play and just play during the mggu akt. i hve rsa and we just play !mcm2 akt .first is we all buat dikir barat ,yeahh masa dpt assg . tu rsa ;ohh dikir barat?boringg nye !u all pon bole ckp mcm tu but bile dah try omigoshh !jadi best !try ur self mjsc bpj dah gile dikir barat.
during mggu akt.we also hve tygn tgk cerita mcm2 and also rumh hantu,since 1 class in f1 got 2 hr ,vanda 1 also got ,and we hve zamrud and topaz .kteorg vanda mmg rapat !tapi pling rpt ngn hr2 laa .president alif vice die plak and also known as wife HAHA :p SYIKIN .there i met thousand of perangai and over 100% i already know them as 80% dgn cpt !because hr nie byk meeting and blablabla .pernah once we fight tp kjap jerk ,then dah oke .and hundred times we laughed together .ohh yeah !wish me luck :]

btw,title there she goes tu .mean here i go to make a new life there . and got sad face there sbb hve to leave my bestie dkt ssi !and i really miss them .prnh once i tgk my ssi book which got the school picture and i started to think like this :knp aku tgglkn sekolah nie,sch nie kan best !kawan ramai!cg pon best and why i leave the school ,and i terigt my last step there when me and abah amek surat berhenti .omigoshh !msa tu sdih gile !rasa heart broken into pieces .and i fikir balik.what if i didn't go to mrsm ,family will ckp ape kan ? never meet mrsm ,never ddk asrama .ssh nk belajar .asyik menghadap comp.suke bertgguh kerja ,!thats it !and now my pendirian is :utk berjaya kta mtsi berkorban and berkorban there mean : i hve to leave ssi,friends,family etc .and ssi friends !i'll be waiting fr u here and we will success together durin spm and pmr .balaja kat sinii phm ??!!! :]

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