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mencari KAMI menjadi KAMI :]

yeahh,its us !three of us .well us there means so much to me .mencari kami menjadi kami is the tittle this time so got to read this untill finish !oke ?of fine,i'll tell you the meaning of mencari kami menjadi kami :p ok mencari kami there's mean im searching the KAMI which is friends that will replace my old friends dkt it ? menjadi kami is i already find 60% of it and we're trying to be THE kami :] MIAHAHAHA !

FRIENDS is such a beautiful words .and it can be a beautiful things ever !i had found friends and trying to be her or his besttie .so wish me luck.a true friends are hard to find.but a spoilt brat and plastic friends are easy to be with and easy to find it.u can say that 'hey aku peramah that's why bole dpt kawan cpt !'u wish!go and check ur friends la .is she or he a true friends ?i dont think so .and the same things goes to actually and i dont want it happen twice .

ok stop telling the meaning of friends .and i'll present you my friends dkt maktab.just fyi jerk laa.kalau tk nak go and die u mutall !first laa yg plg comel skali plg rapat la jugak adalah NURAIN BT ZAINUDIN !she said that dia anak HEP since nama bapak dia zainudin kan .wtv la ain .ohh ain selalu with me all the time esp dkt asrama laa.dia vice kelas .suare dia gile kuat kalah bunyi mic dkt dewan :] tapi itu satu kebolehan kan ?she is one of the olahraga team .dia perangai mcm budak2 sikit tapi it is fun to be with her .mase mula-mula nk kenal mmg byk problems tapi we already faced it kan ?and sucsess la jwpnye !ily :p

who's next ?ohh she is nina or NURAMANINA BT ISHAK .great beautiful and understanding :]
i love to be with her .tapi dkt asrama tk selalu la.dkt BA yg selalu .tapi we always visit each other rooms kann ?secrets are all on her .and also her secrets are with me .soo,dont ask me or her about our secret ok ?oh lagi for me laa dia nie ade psgn yg hebat dkt kelas :]sbb baju deorg tak bole renyuk msti string jerk sama la mcm seorg bdk laki kat kelas .tapi just for fun jerk er nina .

favrt ku jugaa!nurdiani or known as YANIE !saat pertemuan adlh di surau maktab dikenalkn oleh ain .dia satu kepala dgn aku .syg gile dkt dia .AB !hahah :] firts kteorg mmg tk rapat tapi akhir2 nie laa .sape die suke aku suke .sape dia tk suke aku tk suke :]HAHAHA
kate 1 kepala kan !?ohh,dia nie jugak simpan secret aku .ty YANIE .

sebenarnye laa ,all the three girls above share secrets with me !and we all mmg kalau korg tgk tk selalu bersama tapi we're what we are and i love them .and kteorg ade mission thats is DESTROY THE BAJET AND GEBANG ppl please ?and ain & yanie otw nak buat buku bajet .so kalau dah publish nnt cpt2 la dptkan nye .and hanye di jual di mjsc bpj sahaja x]

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