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pink and pictures !SNAP SNAP !

dkt restoren mana tah,time nie otw nak balik dr maktab .
pipi ku gemok gile !cipannn :]
opss!no mamarazi here please ?
gedikness ?ohh yess !
plus plus gem*k . :[
i want world peace :]
i miss you !
showing off :pp
blurr,tita sponsor this shirt !ty :)

these pictures were snapped by me on 24 may 2008 after my famil and i,finished our dinner .

crazy huh ?everything were pink on this time :]

i love pink so much .

some of the pictures are blurr .

wtv :p
so,what is ur opinion on my pictures above ?

1 comment:

NaDia FaRHaNa said...

bpe kali laa kw ambik gamba..
kw maken comel laa tiraa..