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Vandarians Day<3

not vandalisme but variety:] mc:lynn and najah teachers:mama sazliana&ustazah noorliza.

well vandarians day is jamuan fr vanda 1 2008 ppl it was celeberated on 13.11.2008,thursday on 5.30 p.m which was on riadah time,during the majlis our homeroom advisor attend it :] here some pics that i want to share with;;
the partyy
mama & ustazah were trying to crash the pinata:]
pdn mke kene denda,HAHA kissing-kissing:p
bgge kau saddiq mng award best group,BLA la.
ceh,cleaness boys award goes to him,congrats faris
the game.
the pinata:]
before the party starts.

keco la kau!

this song just frm us :] tentang vanda

it was fun,i'll remember this things forever,ily vandarians,may we meet again in the same class fr next year,thanks to you all fr giving such a good cooperation during this vandarians day.13.11.2008:]

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