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He writes poetry just like Chairil Anwar

This was frm Sarah which she wrote it on her myspace who i'd like to meet.Well HARD to meet such as she wants.But i'm sure there's one.So good luck dear.I just like Sarah sentence that's why i write this blog.So,tribute kat Sarah jugak la ni,as she create it.Well did you exactly know who is Chairil actually?i don't know him but i regonise his pictures je laah :D No such a popular person like him wanna meet me .Well right now i'm yahoo-ing some poetry ,i mean love poetry.Kalau ade yang best bole laa share.

a few minutes later..

Ahh,malas ar nak cari lagi.I'm sick of it.Nak termuntah bacenye.Tapi ade yg best.What i mean is OK la jugak.Hey have you ever heard You and Me song?by Lifehouse.My fvrt babe .i love that song.

a few hours later..

guess what?i stopped writing this to see Enchanted which was on Star Movie this night.HAHA,my family had watchd that movie last yr at JJ Tebrau.I love that movie.I've been dreaming of a true love kiss:p HAHA hey,i'm online-ing myspace right now and suprise to see Tqaa's myspace she's now studying at mrsm pontian.ade gmba dia ngn rasyid which he is my ex-classmate dkt ssi dulu.Suprise to see him back dude.

Hey i wanna talk about something my life is Life,Laugh,Love :) like Nadia said once.Hey wanna watch Histeria at cinema.Aiyna said[which i read her blog] that story is so scary.I want to watch it sbb ade Liyana and that movie sounds awesome to me by judging frm it's trailer only-lahh.Okay laa i wanna google-ing fr anything.
sbb td dah yahoo-ing kan.

a few minutes later..

i'm downloading That's how you know song.GAHAA :) tade keje.Rafidah said that she is reading her novel about fairies and and and now she's reading the sixth chapter which are getting romantic:D lalaaa .the title is It's A Fairy's Lifeabout various fairies living in one planet, but they act like normal animals and don't use magic when they really need it, they even hid their wings.the characters follows our personalities, u know what i mean.That's what she said.

i'll end this post by posting this lyric:

How does she know you love her?
How does she know she's yours?
How does she know that you love her?
How do you show her you love her?
How does she know that you really really Truly love her?
How does she know that you love her?
How do you show her you love her?
How does she know that you really really truly love her?
It's not enough to take the one you love for granted
You must remind her or she'll be inclined to say"How do I know he loves me
?How do I know he's mine?
"Well does he leave a little note to tell you, you are on his mind?
Send you yellow flowers when the sky is grey?
He'll find a new way to show you a little bit every day
That's how you know.
That's how you know he's in love
You got to show her you need herDon't treat her like a mind reader
Each little something to lead her to believe you love her
Everybody wants to live happily ever after
Everybody wants to know their true love is true
How do you know he loves you?
How do you know he's yours?
Well does he take you out dancing just so he can hold you close?
Dedicate a song with words meant just for you?
He'll find his own way to tell you with the little things he'll doThat's how you know
That's how you know he's your love
He's your love
That's how you know he loves you
That's how you know it's true
Because he'll wear your favorite color just so he can match your eyes
Plan a private picnic by the fire's glow
His heart will be yours forever
Something everyday will show
That's how you know
That's how you know he's in love
That's how you know
That's how you know he's your love


p/s:i'll only kiss my true love[i don't have right now] when we're married okeyh?don't get me wrong!

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