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Sabrina and Zakiah its for you

one and a half month , but feels like 1 week . Guys its the time that we didn't asking for it . the time that ; Ala malas la nak balik . Feels the same thing . Since the first day step in .

I posted a few post ago on Flashback to cheer me up and realize the best things that i've been through last year . Its quite bored there but not all of the things there . Friends that cheer up my day is the best things there .

Bukan best kot tpi ok la . Tapi tak best sgt pun semua cuma ADA juga yang best . got it ? Sabrina were asking me . dia ckp dia tak tau sebenarnya asrama best ke tak ?

so heres the answer ; learn to like it or pretend to like it , sbb terpaksa syg . Tapi the best word to replace terpaksa is ; RUTIN kami yang berada di sini .

the last post and we'll meet soon on Chinese New Year , Insyaallah .

perjuangan yang belum selesai igt tu ! Good luck Gambate .

iloveyouuu ; Sabrina Zakiah thanks

its a walk to remember , Goodbye bbye and see you again -,-

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zakiahezanie said...

i love you too tira , srsly nak nanges ney , gile rindu :'(