Bismillahirahmanirahim ♥


Praise to Allah

I'm gonna start this post with ; ALHAMDULILAHIRABILALAMIN , Ya Allah sesungguhnya kau la tuhan yang Maha Pengasih Lagi Maha Penyayang .

First of all, i'm free from H1N1 you can come to my house if you want :D YEHAA here it goes , as i post the post a few days ago which i mentioned that i went to JSH kan ? so the test is Negatif and i'm free noww . YEAAAA

Second of all the most scary things are now Selaras and PMR , omgee , As one of the student mrsm i HAVE TO get 8A's this yr or i'll be kick out from the school . I'm not prepared yet , srsly . And its going to be on October a few months to go . Cuakk beb

What else ahh ? hmm , Tmrrw maktab beb , i'm going back , rindu rindu serindu rindunyaa , my roomates wait for me ogehh tmrrw ?

Cuak beb , i'm going to finish up my selaras papers . Naik nihh , cuakk . Malam ni kene stay up la BHAHA , okehh la ready jugak .

But when i knew my friendsss punye result BOOMBANG mcm fireworks kat Danga Bay , i'm getting nervous gilee . Ya Allah give me strength to pass all this things . Amin

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