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Hello people !

Fwang fuang fang , HAHA i try to spell the word right , which one you think is correct ? Well for people that doesn't know anything about the THINGS , just shut up and stop blamming us , of what had happened . srsly , sape yg tak smbhyg skrg ? Korg tau ke kteog smbhyg ke tak ? so tak ya la nak ckp merepek repek pasal bende ni . Tapi yng penting skrg ALLAH tau saya sembahyang , insyaallah .

The second things is i want to tell you what i felt during these things , kebas ke kejung ke kejang ke idk , but for me it is the most painful things i ever met :( for those jerks , again i said stop blamming .

Third is for the komunikasi ! weyhh korg takde keje lain ehh ?

fourth is semester exam . It was fine to do but BAD to get back what i had done . HAHA i dont think that i can get good pointers . sorry Umi Abah . But i promise to do the best for the next exam , insyaallah

Fifth is about friends , for those that still have their friends good job . And for you , i hope that you can understand me , i don't need BACK UPS as i said , and i think i don't deserve BACK UPS , cause you are RIGHT ,you can call for the whole school to back up you, GO!!! keep saying i'm stupid cause i'm done .

Assalamualaikum :)

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