Bismillahirahmanirahim ♥


I ask for strength God gives me trouble

it was 18 of febuary 2008 , iwas packing my stuff at SUCASAthat time , as i said to myself 'betul ke aku nak pindah' . it was a very fine morning , the sun shine but my heart cry , i cried a lot for this sacrifice a lot fyi .

As i reached the destination , i was like WOW , i'm in .As i said i cried a lot , it was maghrib that time i cried because i miss my friends , i cried because i chose this path , at the same time , there was a girl , besides me crying too . i was puzzled .

It was 2 weeks after the registration day , i was ironing my stuff , suddenly she came to me and said bukan mcm tu la nak iron kipas , meh sini . she ironed my stuff . that was the first time ever i know how to iron correctly .

if the girl is reading this , i want to make sure that this post is not to balas balik ape kau dah post or mencari kemaafan ,this post is to show how you care about me , since the first day i step in .

I know i'm the one yg salah pasal semua ni , YES exactly :D i will go for your good , for the people around me .

thank you for making me cry . while posting .

Toodles , i'm off . take care

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