Bismillahirahmanirahim ♥


Start of Something New

Some may think lame and some may think worthless , but it is just a beginning .

This is the biggest thing in my life that I'm going to do , although I had been through it once . Sincerely thanks for those who gave helps towards us , from the advises to something that I myself couldn't imagine .

To those that can't stop themselves from ' mengkritik ' this and that , I wish that you can simply apply a job as pengkritik at any reality TV programme , because I heard they need people like you . Thanks again for making me realize that is the real you .

For the supporters cehh , hehehe I owe you guys so much and I hope that we all will be going to make it one day . I love you guys , pray for us .

Lastly I believe that all people have dream , but what makes it different from other is your ACTION (:

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