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A Walk To Remember .

Well hello guys :) i do remember this date babe .The date that i started to use this Blogspot.31.12.2007 :) a date to remember.A few hours to go and Hello 2009 ok.Well i'm ready to be 14,and goodbye to 13 :( iloveyouu.For me 2008 is the year that teach me 5% what life is about .Thanks,and 2007 i miss you.I really wish that i can go back there and enjoy my life as a 12 yrs old girl .But,who want to stuck there and repeat the same things kan ?

But my dream is my things.So,tak salah kalau bole ulang kejap utk 2007.Sepanjang percutian nie,BYk byk kali mimpi about them :] They are the reason why i love my life .grr,konflik tu perkara biase dalam hidup tetapi sesuatu yang luarbiase bila dia datang kepada aku.Tapi tak mencabar kalau rumah hantu tu tade hantu kan?same as life kalau masalah tade.Semua bende tu mendewasekan kita.

2007,satu tahun yang mesti diingat sampai bila bila.and now HELLO 2009 .And welcome.HMM,tahun yang perlukan lebih pengorbanan drpd yang lepas.Esp bila dah dekat maktab.And guys,wish a very very good luck fr this year ok.

So,i will miss you 2008 of course a year that brought me to the secondary school life .SSI :) grr,rindu kauu.Friends and of course youu .A walk to remember :(

Happy New Year !

Not everything that is faced can be change and nothing can be change untill it faced .

p/s: i need the time machine and repeat the 2007 back .IMY !sob,sob :\ BYEBYE !