Bismillahirahmanirahim ♥


Some facts .

YOU should know .

i love to talk .
i'll talk and talk with the person that i close to .
i had broke my left small finger in an accident .
i hate being force ,srsly .
i was a big fan of Akademi Fantasia .
i love to take pictures .
i love to read books .
i love to go for shooping .
i'm one of the prefect when i was in primary school .
i love to list out all my friends name .
i got loud voice .
i'm one of the Barcelona team in Vanda 2 .
i'm vice president of zamrud 1,2008 .
i'm a big big big fan of pink :)
i lost my friends ,a lot . :'(
i'm collecting comics and books right now,HAHA .
i love to watch movies .
i love wsidom words that sara&najah always give to me.
i'm tired doing the same thing everyday .
i'm a boring person,trust me.
i'm the third daughter .
i got many many of anak saudara .HAHA
i love to meet my cousin,but seldom talk to them :O
i choose lawyer as my second option .
when i was 5-10 yrs old i prefer tomato .
i don't eat vegetables .
at first i was being force to be in MRSM , MIAHAHA :p
people said i'm GIRLY . huh ?
i'm was the CK coordinater.
now,KS president .
i love high school lifee .
i always cry . hmm ?
mom said that i'm going to have my own restaurant call Tira Lembik.huh? sob,sob :'(
i love 2007 very very much .
that's all bbye .

p/s:islam is the way of life :)

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