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A Post .

I've lost my IC ,so i make a new one this morning , it was 7.50 as i enter the Wisma P , i thinks there's more than 60 ++ people waiting for their turn there . Could you imagine ? Office hour pn blm org dah berduyun ? what the ? HAHA ,

And what suprised me was the Wisma P also adakan 5S (: wohooo , ala yg mktb buat tu . HEHE And mom's office too . Our maktab is the first one that had launch this prgrm , compare to maktab lain . Kot ?

What else ?

*thinking Oh ye , Happy Birthday to Nysa Jay , kawan aku + ayah dia kawan mak aku + ayah dia kawan ayah aku . Kan ? HEHE


Anonymous said...

kesiann kamoo!
hepi bufday to nsajay

Tira M said...

yea !!!!! HAHA