Bismillahirahmanirahim ♥



Again , thanks Titah for the dinner last night . It was at Kapten Steamboat and Grill Johor . Which is my first time going there , and it was awesome :D Which I recommend to all JBrians to eat there even once , cepat doe aku seru ni .

I only went there with my siblings . 5 of us , which paid by Titah's salary , and that was the best part , it was free , Gahahaha 

Why so weird Qila ?

Apin This is so sweet :)

My face look Ugley

This one looks scary ^^

Overall I give 10 ,000 stars ! Hahaha melebih pulak , ratings is 4 stars lah over 5 , you should try here sometimes .


Shafffin Aida said...

HAHA , boleh pulak selit name aku eh? HAHA

Sh Athirah said...

Hahaha , aku asyik igt kau je , masa makan tu