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Memories .

Even I am in form 5 know ,I can still remember that moments . The moments where I choose to be here and left those beautiful things behind . But I am grateful to be here . Because I believe this is what Allah planned me to be . Alhamdulilah .

The day before I entered this boarding school I was in Kuala Lumpur with my family and my sister's friend . My sister had her heart operation at IJN . I packed the whole stuff from home . But still did my shopping in Kuala Lumpur .

I bought my shoes at KLCC , which I bought a wrong shoes. Hahaha :p It should be Kasut Kulit or PVC , but I bought a Canvas shoes .Hahaha , well that was a waste . We stayed in SuCasa on that time a hotel apartment consist of 2 bedrooms . Which my siblings bedroom were full with my hostel-stuff .

The day was 18.2.2012 .I had a very unwell sleep on that night , thinking that I was being forced to go to this school , thinking of those friends I left behind :') I woke up the next day , packed up my stuff and we off to Batu Pahat .

My dad was using Estima on that time which was very packed on that day , and I felt that it can explode in anytime . That was the shortest journey ever from Kuala Lumpur to Batu Pahat . I met my very first MRSM friend , Nisa :) Kan Nisa ? Hahaha dekat R&R .

To be honest , I sucked my ears with my MP4 , which my dad gave me as a present I went to MRSM , Hahaha , as I said I was being forced  . I can stop myself from crying on that time . I am not ready and I don't like to be there . As I reached the school , I felt like dreaming . What more when my family already went home on that time .

My parents third daughter which is very kuat melesir , gedik , tak independent , was standing there alone in Batu Pahat . I didn't cry on that time , I was just shocked . Speechless . I can still remember until now what Abah said to me before he left :')

Day by days , seminggu homesick , friends , laughed cries , smiles , problems , love , routines for almost 5 years here , make this third daughter of   my parents stronger than ever .

p/s : Welcome To MRSM Batu Pahat for the form 1 tomorrow , IGCSE la seyyyy :)

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