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My New Obsession

Cats!!! I have so many cats before, from one generation to another, but this one will be always my favorite, and the previous one will always be in my heart :) *Dah lama tak buat smiley since ada emoji*

So here it goes, it began few years ago, when my family first adopt 2 male kittens, which is now, the keeper and guardian to my family, well maybe. At first my mom rejected the idea of adopting another cat since my youngest sister once had heart failure and due to this, she became allergic to furry things including stuffed animals. Poor qiqi

Fortunately, the left one married to my female cat and they have cutie pie kittens, which is my current obsession!!! I just can't.

He's getting bigger day by day, awwwwwwww so cute 

The last one is the current picture of otto(gender to be determine soon) Look at his face, he's missing me. Some said our face is quite the same :p

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✿ Nasihahaha ✿ said...

wahh..cutenya ur cat..hehe ^_^